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Joseph Toro

A recognized leader known for crafting the requisite strategic vision to achieve business goals, Joseph Toro offers a unique blend of executive acumen and team-building to involve operational improvement at Reawakening Management Inc (RMI). As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Toro has built a responsive organization that consistently delivers results by aligning technology in initiatives with business goals, with substantial improvement to service delivery, standardization and business/systems performance.

Under Mr. Toro’s leadership, Reawakening Management has been able to provide cultural leadership and has set the standard for operating excellence and delivery of high quality patient care.

Mr. Toro implemented the clinical polices and procedures that ensured compliance with all company policies, as well as, state/federal rules and regulations.

He was key in the development of referral relationships, including relationships with referring physicians, facilities, hospitals, E.A.P’s and Unions. His main focus was on the financial operations, bookkeeping, consulting and staffing of the facility, with an unwavering commitment to solid financial performance, and improving business model revenues.

Mr. Toro was key with the strategic development initiatives to position Reawakening Management for solid, long term growth, with the ability to expand into multiple operations.

Mr. Toro also introduced strategic relationships with Radiovision Christiana, which has 80 million listeners worldwide, in an attempt to make RMI partners a true community based and long term program, involving not only the person suffering from addiction, but the family members who are constantly affected by it.